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Why, I Would “NEVER’ take this Corona Vaccine….! Pramod Kureel (Ex MP-Rajya Sabha) 

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Why, I Would “NEVER’ take this Corona Vaccine….! Pramod Kureel (Ex MP-Rajya Sabha) 

Original Hindi posted on : 13-01-2021 -English Translation posted on : 16-01-2021 

The Modi govt is shortly (16th January) going to start the “Corona Vaccination Drive” across the country. As per the plan, every citizen of this country (135 Crores) would be injected with this vaccine in the coming months, with every citizen getting 2 doses of the vaccine. It is also being said that each person getting this vaccine would be charged around Rs 700/- as its cost.   
 For the past few months, a strange kind of “game” is being played in our country and many other countries across the world. Billions of people have been virtually ‘imprisoned’ within their homes. In the name of Corona virus, innocent and hapless people have been tied up with ugly and useless face masks. These seemingly unending “lockdowns” extending for many months have literally wreaked havoc on the daily lives of people across the country. The poor, especially have suffered the WORST like never before, all in the name of a common flu- i.e. “corona”. The economy of our country (& world over) has sunk into bottom (while few super rich have doubled or tripled their wealth meanwhile).      
-There are many reasons regarding my “Lack of Trust” in these so called ‘anti-corona vaccines’….! 
There is a well laid out “scientific procedure” which is generally followed all over the world before a new vaccine or medicine is rolled out for common use. The new vaccine has to follow a long chain of tests and (human) trials to check any short term or long term side effects of the vaccine/medicine in question. Normally, it takes many years before such tests/trials are conducted and possible side effects are scientifically assessed & evaluated during many phases of the trials.  
But, in this case of corona vaccines, important steps have been cut-short and the vaccines have been launched for public use without mandatory trials. This raises questions as to why such hurry is being shown? 
 Numerous reports from different parts of our country and across the world are coming forward pertaining to serious side-effects of these vaccines and also deaths occurring shortly after people taking vaccine shots. Still, there seems to be ‘suspect-ful haste’ to push this vaccination drive forward.  
Some supporters of corona vaccination may say that, since the top scientific authorities of our country have already given a ‘go ahead’ to this corona vaccine, what is the need of raising any questions on its efficacy or credibility? Here, it would be suffice to say that today in our country, when even the “top” constitutional authorities like the Supreme Court and the Election Commission have been reduced to the level of “lackeys” of the govt., what better can be expected from mere bureaucrats or high ranking scientists. Today, when the whole constitutional machinery in our country has seemingly been reduced to, either as “mute spectators” or “active participants” in this ongoing subversion of democratic norms & constitutional propriety. 
  In short, “HMV” has now become the ‘buzz word’ in the working (styles) of top Constitutional Authorities or Higher Bureaucracy in our country- i.e. “His Master’s Voice”.  
- “Vaccinomics…!” 
If one closely looks at the “economics” of this whole “vaccination game”, one could see that this whole “game” would cost around 1.5 lakh crore rupees (15 to 20 billion US Dollars) of public money on this frivolous, dangerous and questionable exercise. This includes cost of the vaccine, transportation, storage and other institutional expenses.   
 Who would bear the cost of this expensive and dubious exercise? Govt. or, people themselves…??    
 In a country like ours, where the health infrastructure is already in shambles and crores of people have no access even to the basic health facilities, is it justified to “waste” such a huge amount of money on this whole exercise? 
But then, yes…we all know that BAD INTENTIONS and BAD POLICIES often go hand in hand. 
 -Two Types of Vaccines…! 
It is an open fact now that the govt. is planning to use two types (produced by two different companies) of corona vaccines (“Covishield” & “Covaxin”) that’s going to be injected into the people of our country. But, the serious question that lies underneath is, who or what factors shall determine as to which vaccine shall be used in a particular place, or in a particular locality or a particular family? As per govt’s policy, no person will be allowed to choose the vaccine that would be administered to him or her. People would have to accept (without question) whatever vaccine is injected into them.     
The important question here is, whether one type of Vaccine would be used in ‘up-market’ localities (inhabited by rich and powerful) and another type in the ‘down-town’ localities (like JJ clusters, slums etc) inhabited by the poor and deprived communities?  Shall the people belonging to one religion shall be given one type of vaccine and the ones belonging to ‘another religion’ a different type of vaccine? Who will decide about this, and on what basis? These questions are bound to raise many questions (rather “suspicions”) in the minds of common citizens.  
 Another, important question here is that, when (as on today) the total number of people ‘infected’ with corona virus today in our country has come down below 2 lakhs only (recovery rate more than 97%) and mortality rate has also come down below 1%, then what is the need of this vaccination drive, that too with unproven vaccines? Why (& on what grounds) this “Emergency Approval” has been given to these “unproven” vaccines, bypassing all the protocols?   
  -Farmers Agitation and ‘Corona’…! 
Many lakhs of farmers are agitating on the borders of Delhi protesting against “anti-farmers Bills” passed by Modi govt. More than 75 deaths of protesting farmers have taken place owing to cold weather and/or old age. YET, not a single death has been reported due to corona, even though these places are crowded with people with hardly any “masks” or “social distancing”. 
  This in itself is a sufficient proof that this so called ‘corona epidemic’ is nothing but a sham (rather, a global conspiracy). This farmers’ agitation has effectively (& timely) blown the lid over this corona “PLANDEMIC”.   
   -Who’s responsible, if something goes WRONG..?? 
It is to be remembered by everyone that Modi govt has made a law that, if someone gets any kind of medical complication or dies after taking this vaccine, the Companies manufacturing these vaccines or the government SHALL NOT be held responsible for that. No one can even file a case (claiming damages/compensation or punishment to the culprits) against these Companies, Health Administration or the Govt. 
Modi Govt must answer as to why such a “blanket immunity” has been granted to these Vaccine Companies in such a scenario? People MUST ask this question from the government. If a few hundred, thousand or lakh people fall seriously ill (or die) after a few weeks, months or years of taking this vaccine, who will take responsibility for that; Companies, Bureaucrats, Health Minister or… Mr Prime Minister himself??? 
These questions (fears) are not unfounded. In the past few weeks, numerous reports from our country and across the world has come where scores of people have fallen seriously ill or died after taking these corona vaccine shots (during trials). This proves the old saying that ‘if something has gone wrong in the past, it can certainly go wrong again in future too…!’ 
Thousands of Doctors, reputed Health Experts and common citizen in India and across the world are protesting against this (bogus) corona ‘plandemic’ and vaccination drive. They are openly saying that these vaccines are not only unnecessary but also risky for human health. Lakhs of people are protesting against these “forced lock downs” and associated dramas being played in the name of corona. Yet, some govts in the world (especially India’s Modi govt) seems to be “too desperate” to go ahead with this vaccination drive. It seems there is something “deeper” and more “sinister” in this game.        
     -Indian Govt : Corona ‘Wise’ - Gutkha “Foolish”..!  
Isn’t it a fact that in India, the govt permits and promotes the manufacturing and sale of “Gutkha” (a chemical laden sweetened powder for chewing) that causes Cancer. Every year lakhs of people die in our country because of consumption of this “gutkha”, which gives an ‘income’ (as tax) to the govt. to the tune of thousands of crores every year. If the govt is really serious about saving the lives of people from diseases, why doesn’t it ban the production or consumption of such ‘poisonous material’? 
 Almost 10 times more numbers of people die in our country every year, owing to consumption of “gutkha” as compared to deaths from this so called ‘Corona’ virus. Is corona the only killer disease in india….?? Why this “favour”…? 
-Corona Death Figures- How much True, how much FALSE?  
In India, as per govt. records, around 1 lakh 50 thousands deaths have taken place because of corona. Yet, the question remains as to how many of these deaths are really “deaths because of corona infection” and how many deaths are of “suspect” nature. 
It’s a plain and widely accepted fact that a major chunk of these so called ‘corona related deaths’ pertains to “deaths from other ailments (co-morbidities), deaths from wrong or untested medicines/medical equipments, fudging of figures by manipulation of data (to inflate corona death figures) etc. etc. Yet despite all this “Grand Circus” of (bogus) statistics, the final figure stands at just 1.5 lakh deaths only. On the other hand, deaths occurring on account of other serious ailments like T.B., Cancer, Pneumonia etc. far far outnumber corona deaths (almost 1:10 or even more). Yet, these deaths are nowhere on govt. radar as far as steps to prevent these deaths are concerned. 
Is it just that the govts. are playing the game to suit the “business interests” of few pharmaceutical companies……………..or, is this a “GAME” that’s being played to establish a “NEW WORLD ORDER” in the world?  
Some people (Modi-Bhakts) may argue that since the Prime Minister (Modi) is assuring the people of our country about (safety aspect of) corona vaccine, people should trust his words. 
 I just want to say here that, if we look at the past 6 years’ record of PM Modi towards “making promises & breaking promises’, one could easily see as to how much his words can be trusted now. His numerous promises, announcements (15 lakh rupees, Black Money from Swiss Bank, Demonetization, Privatization, 20 million jobs every year, GST, anti-Labour Laws, anti- Farmers Laws etc) stand testimony to this brazen fact that the “words” of our Prime Minister are worth less than the market value of last week’s newspaper.  
Can any sane person now believe the “words” of our PM, Mr Modi…?  
The answer (inarguably) would be- “NO…!”    
(As I am sitting translating this piece, there is a news headline running on TV channels saying that ‘23 persons have died in Norway after taking corona vaccine produced by Pfizer company....)’  
I am confident that if these vaccines are forcibly “pushed into” the bodies of 135 crores citizens of this country (against their free will and ignoring their “Fundamental Right to Life and Health”), there’s going to be a strong public backlash against these “arm twist” methods of our govt…. 

……… & who knows, may be more “ferocious” than the ongoing Farmers’ Agitation!   

Still, I am ready to say that despite all these facts, logic and arguments mentioned above, if anyone wants to get him/her injected with this corona vaccine, He/She may happily do that. It’s your fundamental right. Still, if they want to be doubly sure of the getting benefits of this vaccine, they may even take 8 or 10 doses of this corona vaccine.( I would happily offer my ‘share’ of vaccine doses to save their precious lives...)    
It’s very likely that very soon our beloved Prime Minister Mr N.D. Modi may come on TV (in a live telecast) getting a “vaccine” (or something ‘similar looking’) shot on his arm, to create ‘trust’ in the minds of 135 crore ‘Pyare Deshvasis’ (beloved countrymen). Noe, It’s for these 135 crores ‘Pyare Deshvasis’ to decide whether they want to believe him……or not!  
But, I am “NOT” ready to take this corona vaccine. This is my firm & final decision.  
Pramod Kureel (Ex MP-Rajya Sabha) 
National Convener : National Bahujan Alliance (NBA), National Campaign to Save Bahujan Movement (NCSBM), DS-4 
Original Hindi Version Posted On : 13-01-2021     
Translated English Version Posted On :16-01-2021    
(Special Request : If you agree with the contents of this article, in the larger interest of our country and its 135 crores people, you are requested to kindly share it as much as possible. 
If you so desire, you may also “copy/paste” this article and send forward with your names. I have no objection to that- THANKS) 
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